Since none of the entertainment websites are interested in writing in something positive about exo’s kokobop comeback, I’m taking stuff into my hands. Let’s just start it off with how much this album was anticipated in the first place. All the exo ls were creating theories about a Royal concept and whatnot, but SM’s like BISH … More #EXO JUST FREAKING CREATED HISTORY YA’LL!!


Okay hold up so what exactly is this LOOΠΔ concept? I mean the members rae all introduced with individual music videos, how rich is that?? Huh? Huh? I just watched their mv for Eclipse, featuring Kim Lip and HOULLLYYYY it’s really good. Like stars in my eyes level good. Aesthetics are on point, dancing is on … More LOOΠΔ YASS YASS

#Yixing unable to attend the remaining EXO’RDIUM concerts

cr:@weibotranslate Let’s clear up a couple of things out here. People love to talk shit without understanding the situation beforehand and they end up creating rumors anyway. For example news of Lay not attending the rest of the EXO’RDIUM concerts caused a mighty uproar within the exo -L community as well as outside the fandom. … More #Yixing unable to attend the remaining EXO’RDIUM concerts