Okay hold up so what exactly is this LOOΠΔ concept? I mean the members rae all introduced with individual music videos, how rich is that??

Huh? Huh?

I just watched their mv for Eclipse, featuring Kim Lip and HOULLLYYYY it’s really good. Like stars in my eyes level good.

Aesthetics are on point, dancing is on point, EVERYTHING is ON POINT. Also it had that mysterious vibe about it that i slike a GOOD combo of Red Velvet’s quiet elegance and Fei’s Fantasy level sultry-ness. I’m all for it. The burning red color used for illumination throughout the video gave me a SHIVER.

The next two members (June and July) will join Kim Lip in one unit, probably in August, so the fans are expecting that the new girls debut with a concept similar a Eclipse

Check out the vid


P.S Pics and vids do not belong to me.


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