#Sehun creating chaos in the Louvre for #LouisVuitton

Talk about being a total head turner…this boy,right here. He knows what’s up.Walking around with a casual bomber jacket and bright colorful shirt and look at those fitting pants man. Hu hu hu.

What’s really funny is that the otherwise barren fashion show was overflowing with people and onlookers and as soon as Sehun alighted from the car all hell broke loose.


Fans were screaming and clicking pictures from all possible angles and the rest of the press present were really confused some even asked loudly “what’s your name?” Needless to say some of the other celebrities started to edge around him because of the onslaught of madness and people at the fashion show loved it of course.


The show made into the national news after his appearance and look at him giggling and being all shy at the amount of love the fangirls threw at him. What’s even more amazing that they don’t lose their attitude even when they are not on familiar grounds that’s what truly makes them special. 

Jaden Smith was seen snapping a pic along with Sehun and the CEO of Louis Vuitton. Needless to say,he was the best dressed man at the event. Check out this excerpt of the article on Vogue talking about the event.

There’s always plenty of competition in the front row at Louis Vuitton, but this season the man with the best look—and the most screaming fans—was Sehun, the star of the Seoul-based musical group EXO. As a member of arguably the world’s biggest boyband, Sehun is used to traveling the world while wearing arresting designer gear, but at Vuitton he switched things up by going understated. Though he’s been known to waltz through airports in menswear looks direct from the runway and change his hair color to rainbow shades, his Vuitton moment was polished. With slick-backed locks, a colorful shirt in a kaleidoscopic print, and a black leather bomber, his vibe was simple, sexy, and perfect for a trip to the Louvre to sit in the front row.
Watching alongside regulars like Jaden Smith, Léa Seydoux, Jennifer Connelly, and Catherine Deneuve, Sehun fit right in with the glamorous crowd and came complete with an army of acolytes. With fans lined up outside waiting to get a glimpse of him pre-show, he elicited the evening’s biggest reaction simply by walking through the door. Arriving looking handsome in head-to-toe Vuitton, Sehun didn’t disappoint his admirers and left the crowd of onlookers inside wondering, Who’s that boy?
Now….I am a twitter baby…I see a lot of comments about exo,saying that they ain’t that famous internationally.
*scratches head*
P.S. vids and pics do not belong to me. Full credit to the owners.

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