A lot of comebacks this time….#Taeyeon, #Twice, #K.A.R.D and #BTS

My head is in a loop since the day before yesterday. Cause first of all Taeyeon confirmed that she is a queen


Cause she just ruffled all my feathers and left me all triggered after she sauntered so seductively in those avante garde dresses. And those who feel that the song was not up to the mark……well….get a life. It was different and very theatrical. Something that I hadn’t expected from her at ALL. She nailed it as usual. 

(Watch the Mv)

And can we please talk about K.A.R.D ? like please? I’m so sorry that i wasn’t able to make an article about them in the past,but GOD IS GOOD! My dream of witnessing a co-ed kpop group is finally fulfilled and DSP media gave us K.A.R.D!! 

Their tracks are all strangely dancehall inspired pieces and I find that very fulfilling. The music performers. I have always felt that the jealous immature comments of fanboys and fangirls might lead to good collabs going to waste but ahem no….this proved everybody wrong. Earlier “oh nana” created waves everywhere and now “Don’t recall” is certainly making them more noticeable!

Also…is it just me or…B.M. looks just like Kris Wu??



(Watch the Mv)


Now…BTS came back with their repackaged album and they released their MV’s for “Spring Day” and “Not Today”. I must say this…but…I’m a little bit disappointed with this. Spring Day MV was very aesthetically pleasing but that was just that…..I mean it fell flat for me this time. I’m sorry. I liked it better than “Not Today” though. There was something missing this time,that extra oomph that BTS carries everywhere.

Now Twice….*sighs*

These girls are so damn refreshing. There’s just something about their cheery music and persona and their music videos that just screams “DAEBAK”.

I’m not saying that it was super artsy or aesthetics and all that jazz but it was such a breath of fresh air. The song “Knock Knock” is sooooo good! So is the mV which features some cartoonish moments and fits the genre just perfectly! The song reminds me a little bit of “I love it” by  Icona Pop,especially the chorus part. The extreme pop and guitar riffs is what makes this so damn catchy!

lol JYP’s sudden appearance doe….he isn’t welcome. Also Jeonghan…gurll…I see you…..

P.S. Gifs and vids do not belong to me. Full credit to he owners.





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