#JusticeforVIXX trends after plagiarism surfaces

Apparently some Turkish “the voice” contestant used the music from VIXX’s Dynamite to rap and present a show , furthermore he claimed that this music piece was his creation.

Turkish starlights were furious and demanded an apology from the artist Kursun who later posted that “this isn’t stealing,this is creativity”.

Of course it is son,wait till the lawyers get to you. 

Kursun’s official website released a statement as follows:

So tell me,claiming that the sample is your own creation and later scoffing that it’s creativity followed by a post that point fingers at people who cry foul,if this isn’t offensive I don’t know what else is.

Check out some of the tweets:-

-how to be creative: go to google download Dynamite inst. by VIXX go to the stage rap just the way you want

why do people think they can just steal instrumentals from kpop songs and think is NOT plagiarism smh

-As an army, I feel bad for both Starlights and VIXX. You can not just copying someone’s work like that. VIXX worked hard

-P.S. pics and vids do not belong to me,full credit to he owners.


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