Stuff during ISAC 2017

okay butt…..did you guys see Chanyeol and Woozi standing and being all fluffy and shitt?? He’s so smol next to Chanyeol!

And by this I mean that dratted show ISAC 2017.

Where idols participate in sporting events and all that shit. Seventeen won in archery and exo were being adorably dumb as usual.

So lemme put up the highlights before you guys.
•Seventeen’s Woozi became a smol bub next to exo’s baby giant Chanyeol.
•Chanyeol and BTS’s Jimin nearly cuddled and smiled all the while army and exo ls were at each other’s throat. Keep it up guys,they don’t give a fuck about what yall are dying and scrabbling about.
•Sehun mistook Seventeen’s Jeonghan aka prettiest boy after Ren as Johnny and he was taken aback when he tried to talk to him.
•Chanyeol scored a perfect 10 in archery during practice. Suho scored 10 during the actual thing and zero during practice to which Sehun coughed his lungs out. Poor boii.




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