Tzuyu was rudely int by akgaes

Okay,so if this isn’t rude then I have no idea what else is. Apparently while Twice was holding a fan meeting a couple of rotten to the core akgaengs snuck into the place.

If you don’t know what that is,then lemme give you a clear picture……


That’s right. They are faceless solo stans who does not Stan the entire group. Kind of hates on the other members and brings on comparisons. So,they are kind of those faceless antis within the fandom.

Very toxic tbh.

Anyways,while Tzuyu was introducing herself and greeting her fans some of those idiots rudely interrupted her and asked her to shut up and pass on the mike to the others.

She was embarrassed of course and visibly deflated.

I have one request for you akgaes.

Please do not go into group fanmeetings. You’ll are not welcome there


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