Seventeen’s DK criticized for pregnant woman’s seat

Apparently Netizens have minds made out of cotton. They can be triggered starting off from a pimple on an idol’s face like wtf is there a pimple on your skin. You’re so unhygienic to the fact that exo’s Sehun is useless I mean SM is so stupid that they let in a boy TOTALLY OVERLOOKING HIS POTENTIAL TO BE STAR RIGHT?

So this week its Seventeen’s Dokyum who had to face the fire of knetz moral police.

His fault? He sat on a seat reserved for pregnant women.

Although I do not favour anybody taking up a pregnant woman’s seat WHILE she is present I do not think that there is anything wrong with someone occupying the seat if there is no one to claim that place.

Also a person might be sick in general.

I liked certain comments stating that he should not have occupied that its reserved for someone else after all. However there were a few comments that stated things like:-

-says a lot about his character

-he’s horrible.

Like bitch you cleanse your mind and fingertips with holy water before pointing fingers to someone else.


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