What’s wrong with Bobby and Mino??

So i came across a post,couple of days back that stated that Mino dropped the n-word.

*gulps nervously*

So it was during the BTS version of MOBB MV and Song Mino from winner “might” have dropped the n-word. Not really sure,but the skit on the whole was so cringey that it nearly broke my neck.

First and foremost I don’t blame these boys for appropriating a culture,I blame YG totally on this. They have been doing hip hop for so long,but in an effort to appear western they end up doing stuff that neither makes sense nor is tasteful.

For example people doing dreadlocks,making exaggerated gestures and having a a fake accent,my entire take on this is….you are MOST WELCOME TO EXPERIMENT WITH ANOTHER CULTURE IN FRONT OF PUBLIC ONLY IF YOU KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

As a South East Asian,as an Indian woman I do not have any right to make any comment on a different culture but all I know is that kpop is an international genre. You have a huge diverse community of people from all around the world looking up to you and listening to you.Please do not do anything that might incite stereotyping. Before infusing another culture in an mv,please make sure that you know ENOUGH about it to actually create something out of it.


P.S Pics and the vid do not belong to me,full credit to the owner.


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