Who the hell threw their phone at Chorong’s face???

Who ever you are I hope the fans at the Apink’s event have singled you out and given you a good thrashing cause that’s what you deserve.

Look at this video and judge for yourselves,this is so disgraceful. Apparently there was this fan event for Apink stans and the members went around giving out gifts and snapping pics on their fan’s mobile.

When all of a sudden someone threw their shitty mobile at her face,it did not hit her,nontheless she picked it up,snapped a pic and gave it back. If it would have been me then I would have stepped on it.

It can also be that it was done all out of excitement because Chorong hardly looked affected,maybe she was far away and tried to catch it and instead it nearly landed on her,dunno,*shrugs*

*slams fist on the table.*


4 thoughts on “Who the hell threw their phone at Chorong’s face???

  1. What the hell?! It’s not because she is an Idol that you are entitled to get a Selfie of her! Especially after such an action! Just wait your turn and if you don’t make the cut, suck it up because as you can see there were many others that didn’t get a picture either and wouldn’t turn violent! People are so rude and disrespectful!!! He/She could have seriously hurt Chorong by throwing that phone in her face! Also, that person can be really glad and thankful that Chorong was nice enough to even take a Selfie on their phone after such an act! If I was in her place, you can bet your sweet money that I wouldn’t have been that nice to them!


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