When exo ls have no idea about “EXO 순위” trending

it’s pretty hilarious tbh,a couple of minutes back netizens came across “EXO 순위” trending on twitter and it is at #1 spot in Korea.

These were their awesome reactions:

  explain to me… I wanna celebrate too






EXO 순위” well since it’s trending, here’s a beautiful picture of d.o

EXO 순위” Ummm…..what happened? Why is this trending?

EXO 순위” I have no idea why this is trending but I love seeing EXO in the trends so… 👀👀

 EXO 순위 What is that?damn! its trending!

It appears that on some online poll about fave idol group where you can send in hearts,that can be counted as votes is up and hence trending:

Check out the chart positions:-

Apparently you are to purchase this app and there after recommended users can send you hearts.


P.S Pics do not belong to me. Full credit to the owners.


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