Fans mad over Golden Disk Awards voting

Earlier someone posted on Pann that Jaejoong is leading in the popularity award section through the paid voting app.

Although it’s not really impossible but at the same time this was during  dawn,thus his votes jumping to about 60% leading over exo and SHINee raised a large no. of well plucked eyebrows.

A lot of fans are complaining that the app is rigged and that they pay money for this and hence are probably getting scammed.

This was at 3:03 AM.

Now at 3:37 AM this appears

I mean I don’t wanna hate or anything but honestly I don’t see the point of participating in paid apps. It should be free of cost.

Why the hell should we pay for some temporary award show that has the possibility of mismanagement and rigging?

What proof is there that this is not scam free? What profit do I earn out of it?

A backstage meet and greet with the winner? NO.

A concert ticket? NO!

P.S Pics do not belong to me. Full credit to the owner.


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