What happened to Henry and SM??

So on 30th December Henry Lau of SuJu-M fame dropped the bomb,I was baffled like why is #JusticeForHenryLau trending on twitter worldwide ?


And on top of that,he’s not Korean,so… you get my flow?SM is notorious for doing that to their non korean members.

This was posted on his IG account

henry tweet 1

It read,” “It’s tiring. I’m fed up. I can’t do it all by myself anymore. For the last nine years, it’s been a mistake. That place is too big now. [It] can’t support [me]. What should I do from now on?”

“I… Now, I think I only have my fans left. If you see this comment, please speak to our company on my behalf. They won’t listen to my words.”

This is obviously hinting towards SM. Henry was not really inactive per se. He’s involved in SMSTATION constantly perhaps more than any other SuJU member musically,but then if you think about it, his album was supposed to drop a long time back,yet,2016 passed and there was no news about it. Perhaps he’s venting out his frustrations?

Personally,I’m happy that he is speaking up like that,people SHOULD know when an artiste is prevented from performing.

Of course there was an outpour of support from fans and non fans alike from all around the world,cheering him up and rooting for him.This kind of show cased his popularity within SM to be very honest.And why not? He’s the lead dancer,a composer,violinist,beatboxer,pianist,rapper and an awesome vocalist. Such a multifaceted genius indeed.

Later,On January 1, Henry updated his Instagram with a video of himself at the airport that was cheering for him. He thanked fans for all their support, and apologized for making them wait but promised more things to come in the new year. Check it out below:-

happy new year. love !

A post shared by Henry Lau 刘宪华 헨리 (@henryl89) on

I hope he sorts out everything with SM and SM in turn listens to all his woes.

I mean I also understand that there are A LARGE number of artistes are waiting to seek the company’s approval for their stuff. That includes SM STATION collabs,NCT units,SNSD,exo,SHINee,their own individual ventures and so on,so of course it must be very difficult to meet with everybody’s demands at the same time.

*sighs deeply*

P.S Pics and vids to not belong to me. Full credit to the owners


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