SES release their MV for Paradise

I’m shook

Like gurrl


S.E.S is the first ORIGINAL kpop girl group that released their mv for Paradise on SMTOWN. This is to celebrate their 20th anniversary together.

The trio is composed of Bada,Shoo and Eugene and boiiii don’t get me started on them! You better watch the mv and you’ll know exactly FROM WHERE these present-day kpop girl groups spring from!

Their style,their voice,just their overall presence,everything is sooo good!

The song’s upbeat and has that distinct S.E.S sound that was evident in their older classic hits like “Remember” and “I’m your girl”. The make up was on point and so was the aesthetics. SM can never go wrong on those. The dance was really pretty and vocals caught me off guard.

These are evergreen women and it just goes to show how strong their legacy is. I read comments and I see people fangirling or fanboying over them and it’s obvious. The level of maturity they ooze through the mv mixed with innocent-sultriness all might give the rest of ALL the girl groups a run for their money.

Check out the mv here:

P.S Pics and the vids do not belong to me. Full credits to the owners.


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