#Rania ‘s new teaser leaves me weak kneed

Okay,first things first,I fucking STAN this girl group WAAY over others.


Let’s start off with how amazing Alexandra Reid aka first Afirican-American slash complete non Asian, looks and raps out here? She literally spits bars after bars and still manages to look adorable! They have so much swag and a sound that is the PERFECT fusion of the west and kpop.

However Rania was said to undergo through major lineup changes,including departure of three members and introduction of four new ones.

Also Alex is said to be the present leader of the group, now #BPRANIA which is a bit concerning,don’t you think?

Last time I heard,Alex was not really fluent in Korean,understanding bits and pieces of it.So the question is how fluent is she out here right now? As a leader you’re supposed to connect and speak to your fans freely in Korean,considering this is kpop.

No doubt,this lead to many raised eyebrows but at the end of the day,we are all here for the music and the good times eh??

Rest of the girls look amazing as well! 

Check out the teaser here!


P.S. Pics and the video teaser does not belong to me,full credit to the owners.


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