#NCT127 drops teasers for Limitless

I’m shook,I’m emo. Don’t talk to me. What is life????

SMTOWN uploaded teasers for NCT127 comprising of- DOYOUNG and JOHNNY(finally) joined the team, so nine members (TAEYONG, TAEIL, YUTA, JAEHYUN, WIN WIN, MARK, HAECHAN, DOYOUNG and JOHNNY)

4 teasers were dropped for Limitless,2 each featuring members Mark and Haechan and boiiii

I wasn’t able to recognize Haechan to be honest,he looks so grown up!

y smol babeee and the track accompanying Haechan’s 2nd teaser left me shook. Hu hu hu.

Only one request,please call in some better stylists for NCT,they don’t deserve this ugliness in terms of clothing.

Check out the other teasers here:-




P.S vids do not belong to me,neither does the pics,all credit to the rightful owners


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