Hanteo’s mistake while counting #BigBang’s #MADE

As of 24th December Hanteo provided yet another reason to call it a crap-counting-site. According to

@kpopalbumsales (8:04 PM – 22 Dec 2016) their tweet stated-[Data] BIG BANG also broke the record for highest 1st day sales on Hanteo. *still counting.

However at 4pm KST the following appeared:

The album sales suddenly dropped to 60 k ,leaving VIPS and other netizens baffled and questioning.

As stated in an article on Naver TV:

‘Hanteo’ side acknowledged the error of counting. In a telephone conversation with dispatch on the day, he said,There was a mistake while adding the sales volume of the record.

‘Hanteo’ uses the music retail store management program to count sales volume. How the head office server recognizes the sales figures of affiliate stores. Wholesalers enter separately.

“Hantar” said, “We sent duplicate sales to a specific store,” he said.

“Hantar officials said,” There was not much of a case like this, and we have a hard time in our headquarters. “He apologized to Big Bang and his fans.

Let’s just say…..Hanteo screwed up big time. Not only were the fans disappointed but were angry at Hanteo as well.

Couple of tweets that shows the ire of the fans are as follows:-

-whoever made the mistake.. VIP n Bigbang deserves better.

-YG &Hanteo mistakes and we VIPs pay for it. All we wanted was to enjoy our last cb before Tops enlisting. This is fucked up

-wtf happened? 😤 so 300k supposedly then 20k actually and now this??

-They even stopped group orders because copies were supposed to be sold out… Hyun Suk-ah, start doing your damn job. Use your brain and get to work.

Yup,it’s screwed up. For heavens sake,I have no idea what is wrong with this music sites and programs of late? They seem lackadaisical in their attitude,try to cover it up,create shitty award shows,like WHAT????

P.S Pics and the article snippets doesn’t belong to me,full credit to the rightful owner.




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