#EXO sells over 213 million albums this year!


Nothing new to be very honest. I mean exo’s greatest achievement is something that most of the artistes dream about. Yes,sir,they sold over 213 million copies of their various musical ventures this year. 

Starting off is EX’ACT and the repackage Lotto that counted upto 1,170,000

Next EXO-CBX,exo’s first critically acclaimed subunit,that charted at top of Billboard World chart and topped the monthly album list sold 276,000. Highest for ANY subunit to date.

Yixing’s solo album “Lose Control” (a self composed set of musical pieces) sold 260k. Making him the highest selling solo artiste of Korea despite being Chinese. He charted alongside EXO-CBX on Billboard World Album chart and alternatively grappled for the first spot with Luhan’s “Catch me when I fall”.

And now exo’s mini album,a winter special “for life” boasts offline sales of 420k only,pre orders are not yet counted as yet.

On top of that let’s not forget exo’s high-school-musical-ish Coming over Japanese album that has some credible 2009-ish bopping music that ranked at #41 on Oricon Album chart,highest ever charted by a Korean artiste. Selling over  140k.

Guess the show’s already in their name. I mean  according to OSEN’S website,they have already created a new record as of 27th December 2017. 

This time,however SM cleverly packaged BOTH Chinese as well Korean versions in the same pack,eliminating any questions of VERSIONS as was circulating and nonplussing thousands of super curious netizens.

P.S pics does not belong to me,full credit to the owners.




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