#Exo #ForLife album review

Now I was pretty skeptical about a winter album to be honest. I mean,exo has one of the best vocals in kpop, however they released albums back to back for the past few months each topping the other.but when I heard there was one more coming up,I was a bit nervous. Is it going to be a cliche track about Xmas tree and snow and love? Are all the songs gonna be like that?

Keeping in mind the brilliance that was Miracles in December and Sing for You,I kept quiet.

As soon as the album released my twitter feed was filled people talking about dabbing to twenty four and I was like…ummmm……what?

They were not wrong. The first track I listened to was actually twenty four and boy…..that was some dab-worthy material. It had some really cool backing music that soundede a bit like old school jazz for some reason. Stuff you would hera in old jazz bars,where the saxophone player would get all drunk and would play something like this.

Nonetheless,the choice of exo members for this was pretty astounding. Xiumin,Chanyeol,Sehun and Jongin. And it fit perfectly. Jongin’s bold throaty vocals meshed well with Xiumin’s soft yet sharp vocals. Chanyeol and Sehun are amazing as usual. Chanyeol is definitely going out of his comfort zone rapping style to try something new,whereas Sehun has improved so much! To be honest that boy has some really good flow. And that speaks volumes.

Then comes Falling for you. Classic exo Rn’B track. Th opening vocals of Chanyeol and the rest doing “ooh aah” made my day. The song is kind of personifying the singer as a snowflake and how it become mesmerized with the girl,as it lands gently on her. Nothing needs to be said really. You can truly listen to it all day,while making a cup of tea for yourself in the kitchen or when you’re driving down the icy roads. It’s upbeat and boy it’s christmassy.

For Life is hands down a classic ballad. The vocals are ON point. It’s heart felt and it’s kind of meloncholy at the same time. Exo’s trademark fantasy-like touches are repeated in the mv where the very pretty Sakuraba Nanakomi is featured as the leading lady. Earlier a lot of people were complaining about the lackof all the members in the mv as it was reported earlier,however everything shut down as soon as the video was released. TO be honest,the lady was featured way more than the other members. Suho looked princely as usual in his March Hare kind of outfit. Chanyeol was fluffy and sweet in an incredibly weird plaid suit. And let’s not talk about Jongin plaese,cause that boy is way too beautiful for his own good. The bracelet is already making exo ls come up with theories.

What I want for Christmas is a very Mariah Carey-ish track to be honest. The lyrics are blatantly talking about exo ls,it’s so sweet and endearing. However I wish to point out that the voice that REALLY stood out to me was Suho’s. His voice is so smooth and mellow and rich. It really stands out from the rest. The adlibs are amazing as usual. This song needs some fireplace,marshmallows and hot chocolate. It’s kinda-slow and sensual.

Winter Heat is semi-upbeat and kind of a bit mediocre compared to the other tracks. Yixing’s voice really comes out loud and clear to me in this one.

On the whole,the album is superb and a DEFINITE Christmas bop. You guys will obviously not regret buying the album.





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