Luhan releases new single

So I listened to Luhan’s new single “Catch me when i fall”.It’s not surprising that even the SM producer commented positively on Luhan’s IG post containing a snippet of the song.

All I can say is that I am so so proud of him,the music,his voice everything was just so beautiful! It was definitely across between trap and trance genres. Reminded me a bit of Justin Bieber’s “I will show you”.

But honestly,I heard that Luhan himself had a hand in writing and the production of the song ,so that makes it more “him” I guess? Honestly he has grown so much as an artiste and I have nothing but mad respect for him.

I have always seen him as a risk taker,trying out something bold and different than others,back even when he was in exo. And this song is already shining the word multi platinum seller. The rest of the album I am pretty sure shall be very intimate and personal.

God bless T_T

Check out the song below:


P.S The video or the pic does not belong to me. Full credit to the owners.


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