Freal love’s a club banger tbh. And poor Yixing

Don’t know about anyone else but I LOVED FREAL LOVE.

It’s just not that I like anything and everything that exo does. I am pretty picky about music in general and I listen to only those songs that appeal to me. This being amongst one of them. Talk rap and partly psychedelic hip hop is an interesting combination. Tinashe’s voice was amazing and Chanyeol man…….*sigh*…..his voice gave me chills. He did not move around making up accents,instead he stuck to his Korean English one and yet spat bars like wow ! That talk rap or sing rap as featured on Artificial Love is really getting to me nowadays and I loved it. He looked so fresh and so… faced. Hu Hu Hu. Bless them.

Also….why is Yixing apologizing for fainting? You smol baby….just have a nice long sleep and take care of your health. You overworking yourself is not nice.


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