Exo just hit the Lotto!


Not much of a news but exo just hit the triple million seller mark yo?The last artists to achieve such a feat were Kim Gunmo and G.O.D in 2001.

They had released the mv for Lotto which is their title track of their repackaged album also called Lotto. The album had over 300k+ copies pre ordered along with sale of more than a 100k+ copies after release. That alongwith 700k+ copies of their album EX’ACT made them a million seller within a span of like two months. Oh dear.

The tension prior to the release of the mv was palpable and it was all over twitter as several fandoms got into nasty tweets about each other while supporting their faves. As usual the dance practice along with the audio got leaked and people freaked the fuck out. The sound was definitely something that exo had never ventured into before. Like ever. Shortly after  releasing the mv,after nearly 8 hours delay the entire SNS exploded with #LOTTO trending worldwide. 

People were divided in their opinion about the use of autotune in the song. Many people argued it as unnecessary because their voices were more than enough to make up for it,while others were enthralled at their boldness and doing something or bringing something different to the table each time they have a comeback. The song in itself was a banger in my opinion and the mv was probably a prequel  or a sequel to their latest hit Monster.

All of the members looked unbelievably ethereal with kohl lined eyes and dishevelled mafia looks complete with a terrific choreography.

The mv hit more than 4 mil views within 25 hours and within an hour of release the song charted at #1 on almost all music charts.

BlackPink has been giving a tough compettition to the guys though!

What do you think?

Check out the mv below(both Korean and Chinese versions!)

P.S  Pics or vids do not belong to me. Full credit to the owner



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