#btsdeactivatedparty hashtag creates frenzy amongst the ARMYs

Regarding matters such as this I usually am left speechless.There’s too much of crazy stuff in this kpop world and there are always people who adds on to it So I came across my twitter feed a certain hashtag called #btsdeactivatedparty. Since I’m hopelessly  curious i clicked it.

Never did I ever imagine that something akin to a wild hurricane shall pop up all over the screen.

I came across a plethora of tweets ranging from sad ones to downright outrageous stuff. And I feel the need to say this out loud here,people need to stop being rude to talented people especially if you are doing nothing much useful. There were tweets like:-

-#btsdeactivatedparty They deactivated? Good! Hopefully they kill themselves next.

-Hopefully they disband next #btsdeactivatedparty

Of course there were fans who were being kind and encouraging and asking others to stop being immature about the whole situation and wait it out.

In the meantime people were posting crazy stuff promoting other artistes and hating on BTS without apparent reason.

The issue is pertaining to ARMY or BTS fans in N. America who were unable to connect to BTS’s official twitter page. Some are saying that this is a minor glitch since Kanye West’s account was going through the same thing. Hopefully the problem shall be resolved soon. It’s sad that some of these people on the net can think without abandon and let themselves loose on the internet.

A certain girl uploaded a video on Twitter masturbating and sent this directly to BTS’s twitter account.

People naturally were repulsed by the act,but amazingly she started to have a huge number of followers and the video is still up and running without a hitch. Way to bring attention to oneself. Bravo woman,you deserve blessings from everyone for this gross act.


P.S Pics do not belong to me. Full credit to the owner.



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