Luhan breaks it down for you in his latest Cartier ad




Luhan’s recent ad for Cartier Juste un Clou has effectively quenched  a fangirl’s thirst for aesthetics as well as leaving a fashion nerd grinning happily.

Luhan endorsing for one of the biggest royal houses in jewelry business has not only raised a few eyebrows but has also set them on fire. Starting off the ad with a high definition black and grey shot of the man himself dancing followed by splashes of red was a real visual treat, followed by analogies to the nightlife and structures. Many people including me,have often complained that of course Luhan is one of the most gorgeous creatures out there,but often photoshoots had lacked that aesthetic appeal that was absolutely necessary for someone like him. The key lies in camera angles and of course editing and I’m so glad that something like this was offered to him.


Now moving on to this rebellious creation from the 1970s,it is easily one of the most simple yet one of the most eye-riveting unisex piece launched by Cartier in my opinion.It is featuring the famous clean lines,minimalist look with a bent nail design. There is a simple clasp mechanism available and although the design may seem way too simple to go with bold attire but hold right there! It’s a fashion piece in itself. It has a bold look with a touch of romantic hidden along the works and is definitely worth your money.


Go check out more on this website



Pics,gifs and video do not belong to me,full credit to the original owners.


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