Vivienne Westwood unleashes her wit on i-D’s interview


i-D interviewed the iconic punk-provocateur fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

Born Vivienne Isabel Swire she brought out another complete meaning to the idea of DIY ethics and punk artistry.

The punk artistry was notable for incorporating themes such as bondage,shock aesthetics,spikes,chokers and what not. Bless this British sweetheart who fused it with Anglo traditional wear such as use of the 17th century trousers which mellowed down the intense punkness of it all.

In a candid interview with i-D she expresses her ideas and what led her to develop the fashion as it is seen today,in her own way of course. Her political views were blatantly expressed and she was not to back out from humor either.

Link to the interview is given above. Images does not belong to me. Full credit to the owner.


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