Uh oh,Sasaengs strike again


So to begin with,let’s address the issue first.

About two days back I noticed an overwhelming number of tweets on my twitter feed about Luhan. Curiously,I searched and could not help but let out a breath of frustration over this debacle. In any culture if you happen to be a beautiful,loved celebrity,you’ll have your share of crazed followers who would go to any lengths to gain your attention. And by that I mean any lengths. Doesn’t matter if you lash out at them or scream,they will just swoon because you are looking at them,and simply by lashing out at them you are giving them attention. Even if it’s at the cost of hurting you badly.

That’s what they crave. In kpop culture sasaeng is a scary term. There are fans then there are obsessed fans,which…to a certain extent I can identify somewhat but being a stalker is a completely different issue. Various pop idols have faced the brunt of several male and female antics that went to several lengths to grab their attention,even if it’s not in a completely positive light.

Recently Luhan,former exo member and currently one of the top ranking Chinese idols in the scene had to face the idiocy of these people. Allegedly a couple of girls had hired a taxi,which was following Luhan’s car,while he was on his way to the drama shooting. Luhan was forced to stop the car and he argued with the driver for being careless and endangering the life of these girls,which I must say,was pretty mature of him. I admire such acts when he could have lashed out at those young girls who had no idea about what they were getting themselves into. Instead as reported by many fans online he simply questioned the driver’s motives and asked if he was aware that he was breaking the law,whether he was aware that he was carrying young girls who could have been injured during this case.

Most importantly. Why isn’t the Police simply informed about this errant driver who agrees to allow more than ten girls into his vehicle just for money?

I admit these girls are not thinking properly and would have probably been killed,they were not only risking their and Luhan’s lives but also that of other commuters along the road.

I would seriously ask many of you readers as to what are your opinions regarding this,and what do you think is the reason that makes these sasaengs so fearless,they are young,bright people. They should work hard,enjoy their life,and definitely love kpop,but this….I’m sorry it’s just unacceptable.

Moreover an interview with a sasaeng had opened up horrifying details as to how they spend the entire day outside the idol’s home,checking into their mail,their chats,their everything to see what they are up to. The reasoning behind them is equally appalling.



Below is the link to the earlier car chase of the same driver who stalked Luhan’s car with the group of sasaengs.


P.S.  Vids and pics do not belong to me. Full credits to the owners.


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