Can we please pay attention to this boy band from South Korea which seems to have taken the visual world by storm,and let’s not forget the music industry as well. Known to be a primarily Rn’B pop that started off with much modest ambitions of doing “something different”,and boy were they different. Why?

Because they were one of the first musical acts that got me a hardcore EDM lover who considered Avicii tracks to be godsend and scoffing at music videos to double back. It’s just not me,they’ve had this effect on a lot of other people as well. Of course people nowadays love to add shock factor to literally anything and everything,and the result is something highly repetitive but this band was something else completely. Equipped with vocalists such as Byun Baekhyun and Dyo Kyungsoo,I mean this was what we believed initially right? Bam!

Just like that we have rappers and even lead dancers like Kai(Kim Jongin) crooning into our ears like wow,we’ve been doing this forever what were you thinking girl? We have no roles and we certainly don’t fit a mold. The reason why exo is doing so brilliantly,breaking their own records is because they are capable of challenging themselves as exo and not merely as a product of the music industry.

Their recent album EX’ACT broke several records(no surprise there). In fact they were sweeping clean all possible music shows. All thanks to fellow EXO-Ls out there and what makes this special is how interactive these boys are with their fans. Trying to involve them at every step,but also leaving them penniless at the end of the day.

God have mercy.


Check out exo’s Monster MV in the link below.

Check out exo’s MV link for lucky one below




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